quoteAt Spitfire, we are jealously proud of our inclusion policy, with our membership consisting half female, half male spanning 5-50 years of age and numerous ethnic originations.quote
Alex Barter, Founder of Spitfire TKD
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To find out more about Spitfire TKD and how to join please call Louise on: 02380 363904 or 07970025230.

Or alternatively please drop us an email using the link below

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Seeing taekwondo for the first time takes you a journey of emotion from the scary through intrigue, compulsion to joy. At Spitfire Taekwondo Academy we are there with you every step on your journey through taekwondo as you develop new physical capabilities, determination and personal resolve you never thought you had.

If you are new to taekwondo you may have seen it on TV in the Olympics and it is this sport on which we are thoroughly focussed at Spitfire, proud to consistently produce quality domestic and international athletes.

At Spitfire, we are jealously proud of our membership half female, half male spanning 5-50 years of age and numerous ethnic and cultural originations. It is our job at Spitfire to help you develop your ability, at your pace, from absolute beginner through to seasoned practitioner. Your fitness will be enhanced beyond expectation as a natural result of the training.

Connecting / Joining up

We thoroughly recommend you/your child book ahead for a free taster session at a venue convenient
to you:

1. Contact us by phone/email to register interest; we’ll need to know your name and how old you are so we can arrange a senior blackbelt to look out for you at induction!

2. Meet our senior instructor at your free taster session usually 15 minutes before a class. We will go through safety issues and ask you to sign a note to the effect we have been through this important bit of diligence with you. Next we’ll ask you about your aims and objectives so we understand your training needs.

3. You’ll be paired with an experienced Spitfire, usually of same age and sex for your first class so you hit the ground running.

4. Now the fun bit – enjoy the session! We will not involve you in any contact sparring just yet but pretty much everything else you can have a go at.

5. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed your session and confirmed to yourself you want to join Spitfire. We will respectfully ask for your candid feedback of your experience whatever your decision. Assuming a
positive outcome we will provide you with the following documentation:

a. British Taekwondo Insurance Application – a bit like a TV license it allows you to practice taekwondo in the UK at £35 per annum.

b. NEST Management schedule – we operate DDM payment to offer you convenience and value for money

c. Personal Training Record on CD-ROM – all the forms and information you’ll need to take you to your blackbelt. Along with the training, naturally!

d. Equipment order forms – we usually have training suits
in stock and order protective equipment from WTF
approved CE marked suppliers

e. Mutual Pledge – we both sign an agreement to acknowledge
the sport is frenetic carrying risk that we both minimise as
practitioners and instructors

Where we are

Classes in Eastleigh and Winchester, click for times & directions

Eastleigh: Tuesdays 19:00-21:00 Main Hall, Flemming Park Leisure Centre

Winchester: Thursdays 19:00-21:00 Main Hall, River Park Leisure Centre


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